Diversity is key


Diversity inspires us. It makes for fertile soil, healthier agriculture and more life, ultimately, imparting distinct character to our wines. Why think in black and white when you can think in colour?


Our wines are divided into three product lines: Classical Grape Varietals, Compositions and Crus.


Facts & figures

Established in 1823, our sixth-generation family-operated winery is located in Magrè, Alto Adige. We embrace biodynamic farming and offer three product lines. Our winery works with 30 grape varieties, and we’ve got a thousand and one ideas whirling through our heads – with plenty more to come.

Biodynamics & diversity

Wondering how biodynamic practices shape our vineyard and winemaking? Curious about the role our oxen, our vegetable garden and our restaurant play in biodynamics? We’re here to put biodynamics in simple terms.

Wine & climate change

With rising temperatures and increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, how can we adapt our viticulture to the climate crisis? Since the 1980s, we’ve been conducting experiments in the vineyard and the cellar to find the answers.

Alto Adige

Alto Adige’s rich diversity inspires us. This is where microclimatic, geological and cultural contrasts come together, making it an incredibly exciting region for viticulture.

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SUMMA 2025

Join us at our winery on 5 and 6 April 2025 to celebrate SUMMA, a trade fair with a host of international vintners that we've organised for over 25 years.