LÖWENGANG INEDITO II is a time travel of our LÖWENGANG Chardonnay. The combination of nine different vintages results in an incredibly layered, dynamic and complex wine.


Voices from the winery

We would like to share our very personal impressions and stories about LÖWENGANG INEDITO II with you and are curious to hear your thoughts on the wine.


Climate and geology

Why is the site in Magrè so suitable for the Chardonnay grape variety? And how can we continue to use the potential of this site in the future, as temperatures rise?


LÖWENGANG Chardonnay stands for the history of our winery and at the same time for our family’s history. With LÖWENGANG INEDITO II, we would like to continue writing our (hi)story.


Fun Facts

There are facts about LÖWENGANG Chardonnay that are perhaps not known to everyone: curious details, personal memories, and unexpected twists. Have fun!


How to reach us

For all queries about the project please contact inedito@aloislageder.eu