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Our wine range comprises three product lines: Classical Grape Varietals, Compositions and Crus. Additionally, our annual Comets showcase our latest experimental ventures. The Rarum Edition is dedicated to our matured vintages.


Our Crus receive extra attention and time to mature, allowing their character to fully develop. These wines undergo the most rigorous selection process, both in the vineyard and the cellar.


In our Compositions, the components take centre stage. Grapes from different vineyards, old and young vines, various vinification methods and varied harvest timings – these are just some of the components that we play with and combine.

Classical Grape Varietals

With the Classical Grape Varietals, we aim to capture the diversity of our region. Working with vintner partners from across Alto Adige, we strive to make the most of this diversity.


With our Comets, we take the opportunity to experiment and work on the quality of our wines. These experiments encourage us to step out of our routine and comfort zone, fostering innovation and discovery. After all, experimentation is key to knowledge.


Beginning with the 1995 vintage, we have been holding a small batch of our wines in reserve each year. This has resulted in an exciting collection known as our Rarum wine reserve.


We want to create room for development for each wine and not predetermine everything in advance. Biodynamics helps us to create this freedom.


In biodynamic agriculture, we want to promote the fertility of the soil, build up biodiversity in the vineyard and strengthen nature in the long term.


Our aim is to simplify the concept of biodynamics and share our personal approach to it.