PORER Pinot Grigio

This wine is all about the joy of experimenting and bringing different components together. One part of the grapes was pressed immediately after their arrival at the estate, another part was kept on the skins for 15 hours and the third part was in contact with stems and skins for about one year. We combine different components in order to create a fresh, lively and precise Pinot Grigio also in future.

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Pinot Grigio
12,5 % Vol


Straw-yellow with a red shimmer


Slightly aromatic, pronounced bouquet, fruity (melone, peach) spicy, mineral


Ric, lively, fresh, fruity, dry


Starters, pâtés and terrines, cold meat, all kinds of fish and seafood, white meat and poultry


Magrè and Salorno. 230 to 240 metres a.s.l. (750 - 790 feet)


Stony, sandy with a very high content of limestone.


Maturation: on the lees, partly in large casks and partly in stainless steel tanks (approximately 9 months) Interplay between different components: partly classic vinification, partly short skin contact and extended time on the lees and partly whole cluster vinification Fermentation: spontaneous fermentation, partly in large casks and partly in stainless steel tanks.

Best to be drunk

Best to be drunk: 2-6 years


Wine and climate change

Wine grapes are very sensitive to rising temperatures and unpredictable weather extremes. As a winery, we are challenged to find new ways to adapt to the given circumstances.

In Alto Adige, we are lucky, because we have several possibilities. We can move vineyards to higher altitudes. Another possibility is to plant grape varieties from the southern wine-growing regions of Europe, which we believe – when cultivated in Alto Adige – result in higher levels of acidity and moderate sugar contents. The third option to deal with climate change consist in reusing different vinification-techniques.

With the “Blend your own PORER” Kit we would like demonstrate this approach of winemaking in order to increase the perception of freshness. The first component of Pinot Grigio was pressed immediately, the second has remained in contact with the skins for 15 hours and the third component has been kept on the stems and skins for approximately 8 months. Thanks to the components two and three, the tannins in the wine are slightly increased, which helps the tension, liveliness and freshness of the wine to be perceived differently.

This kit, consisting of three barrel samples, gives you the opportunity to create your own PORER Pinot Girgio and to find out the right kick of freshness.

How it works

For more details on our project PORER Pinot Grigio see the booklet and video.


Blend your own PORER Pinot Grigio



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