MIMUÈT Pinot Noir

The name Mimuèt is from a Ladin expression meaning “to my taste”. Convinced as we are that Alto Adige offers the best conditions for Pinot Noir, we devote special attention to this grape variety with the objective of producing wines with precision, lightness and a delicate structure. To do that, we experiment with cooler sites and focus on optimum timing for the grape harvest so that the grapes are still crisp and lively. That ensures our Pinot Noir has a requisite freshness and liveliness.

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Pinot Noir
12 % Vol


Garnet with a ruby shimmer


Subtly pronounced, fruity, spicy, delicate woody taste


Medium bodied, elegant, light-footed, silky, refined-bitter, fresh


White meat, poultry, duck, venison, mild cheeses


Appiano, Cortaccia and Pochi. 370 – 520 metres a.s.l. (1.200 -1.700 feet)


Glacial deposits, gravelly, with high content of limestone, loamy in the upper soil


Fermentation: indigenous yeasts Maturation: partly in stainless steel tanks, partly in large oak casks and partly in concrete vessels for approximately 12 months

Best to be drunk

Best to be drunk: 2-6 years


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.

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