• 06.11.2014
    Alois Lageder@Merano WineFestival 2014

    Merano Wine Festival 7-10 November
    Kurhaus, Merano/Merano

  • 25.09.2014
    From our September-WeinBrief...

    For us vintners, the weather we experienced this year was one of the most unpredictable that we have seen for decades. After the quite average spring months of April, May, and June, the summer months were characterized by excessively cool temperatures and unusually frequent rains. Ordinarily, we expect 250 hours of sunshine in July; this year, we recorded only 197 hours. For our grapes, these unusual conditions greatly slowed down the ripening process – but we view this as an advantage.

  • 23.09.2014
    Alliances: Agricultural sector

    Contractual vintner Philipp Eisenstecken and alpine farmer Alexander Agethle talk about our common projects.
    Read the attached story and find out what is the added value of the "Honor Purchase" practice and how an ancient tradition of mountain and valley farmers was revitalized.

  • 23.09.2014
    Alliances: Wine Cellar

    The Mittelberger cooperage company is a family-run business which – like the Winery – makes use both of time-honored traditions and the latest know-how. The big casks bearing the name "Mittelberger" found in our wine cellar are the result of a cooperation which strives to promote local artisans. They are also an example of why the highest quality is attainable only with attention to detail and a shared developmental process.

    Peter Mittelberger talks about his experiences and the philosophy of his firm.