• 23.06.2014
    The birth-hour of anthroposophical agriculture

    Rudolf Steiner´s impetus of 1924 for the flourishing of agriculture landed on a fertile soil. Since that time, a strong Demeter Association has been working on a healthy earth to support it, which enables people to live.
    This year, the Demeter Association celebrates this important anniversary and, with its motto of "90 Years of biodynamics – The course to the future," underscores the fact that biological-dynamic agriculture has the answers to the questions which society has in particular with regards to climate chaos and the resultant global warming.

    See attachment for brief history about Demeter/biodynamic

  • 23.06.2014
    2011 CONUS Lagrein ´Riserva´

    In the glass our new wine tells a compelling story of its special place of origin.

    This year we are presenting our 2011 CONUS Lagrein ´Riserva´ wine for the first time. The grapes for this wine derive from our Sand vineyard, located on the alluvial hills that are home to the town of Magrè. The sandy, gravel soil with high Dolomite limestone content has created an unrepeatable terroir for this exceptional wine, bringing out its full uniqueness and authenticity. The Lagrein vine is usually associated with the winegrowing area around the valley of Bolzano, where the soil is mainly sandy, porphyric and primitive rock. In this case, we have given the vine a chance to express itself differently.

  • 21.06.2014
    Save the date

    MeranoWineFestival, November 8th-10 th, 2014@Kurhaus/Merano

    Bolzano Wine Tasting, March 4th-8th, 2015@Castle Maretsch/Bolzano

    Prowein, March 15th-17th, 2015@Düsseldorf

    Summa15 for professionals, March 21th-22th, 2015 @CasònHirschprunn/Margreid

  • 24.05.2014
    VIN-o-TON 2014

    Contemporary classical music
    Casòn Hirschprunn, Margreid/Magrè, Südtirol/Alto Adige
    Please register until 21th of May 2014
    T +39 0471 809 501, vinoton@aloislageder.eu.

    Program as attachmet