What does biodynamics mean to us?

Imagine you have a headache and visit the doctor. The doctor could prescribe you pain medication. But a more in-depth examination might explore the underlying causes – be it weather sensitivity, poor sleep or work stress. By identifying the root cause, you may be able to manage or even prevent future headaches without medical intervention.

That’s the essence of our approach to biodynamic agriculture. We focus less on immediate relief and more on addressing underlying issues to cultivate vines that are as healthy, vigorous and resilient as possible.

Origin and meaning

Derived from Greek roots – “bio” for life and “δinamikòs” for movement – biodynamics is a concept that originated in the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher who developed the anthroposophical worldview in the early 20th century. Biodynamic agriculture plays a key role in this approach. One central idea behind it is that a farm should strive for the ideal of a natural cycle.

Why biodynamics?

We want to practise healthy agriculture and strengthen nature in the long term. To this end, we have chosen the biodynamic farming method. At the same time, it is important to us not to automatically regard biodynamic farming as good or better and integrated farming as wrong. Rather, the biodynamic approach requires a great deal of patience and a slow understanding of interrelationships. Biodynamics also enables us to give more space to the individuality of a wine. It helps us to develop our wines further. And also ourselves.

Biodynamics is a process

Our father’s first encounter with biodynamics traces back to his childhood, in his mother’s vegetable garden. There, he saw that she aligned certain gardening tasks with the phases of the moon. In the 1990s, our father began experimenting with biodynamic practices in our vineyards. This led to a significant transition in 2004, when the family vineyards began the shift to biodynamic agriculture. Four years later, in 2008, our winery introduced its first biodynamically certified wines to the market.

As of the 2024 vintage, all of our approximately 60 vintner partners will also be working according to organic or biodynamic methods. This process has taken 13 years of motivation and encouragement, and we are extremely happy and proud to have reached this milestone.

If you are interested in our winery and biodynamics, you can download our "Diversity is key" brochure here.


Farm Organism

The farm organism focuses on the natural cycle, meaning the interaction and interplay between soil, plants, animals and humans.


In biodynamic agriculture, we want to promote the fertility of the soil, build up biodiversity in the vineyard and strengthen nature in the long term.

All wines

Our wine range comprises three product lines: Classical Grape Varietals, Compositions and Crus. Our wines are meant to bring joy and leave an impression.