Chaos, movement, form

The objective for the design and construction of the new cellar was to employ modern equipment and innovative solutions to make the vinification process as natural as possible. The quality achieved in the vineyard is preserved through sensitive and careful work in the cellar, with nature interacting with technology in the most advantageous way. We benefit from the experience of our long-standing employees and also from the knowledge and curiosity of the new additions to our winemaking team. Work in the cellar reflects a deeply rooted sense of tradition combined with an open mind for innovative approach and a commitment to sustainability.

Two basic principle of nature

To keep processing as gentle as possible, we fall back on two basic principles of nature – gravity and the circle – in our 17-meter deep, circular vinification tower.


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.

Guided tours

Discover our wines and their history and visit our biodynamic vineyards and cellars.

Art and architecture

Sustainable construction, healthy building materials and renewable energies: the new winery made us pioneers in Alto Adige.