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Krafuss Pinot Noir

The vineyards occupy a site atop a gentle hill. The natural features, including elevation, exposure, the soil, microclimate and good ventilation, create a mix that is ideal for the Pinot Noir vine, which is a traditional variety in the area. There it produces a lively, multilayered and delicate Pinot Noir wine in a style combining elegance, body, minerality and saltiness.

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Pinot Noir
12 % Vol


Garnet with a ruby shimmer


Pronounced bouquet, fruity (red and black berries) spicy, pepper, flintstone


Medium bodied, savoury-fruity, lively, silky


White and red meat, poultry, duck, venison, cheeses


Krafuss estate vineyard in the village of Appiano/Montagna. 430 to 450 metres (1,410 - 1,480 feet)


Loamy, gravelly soil, calcareous glacial deposit


Spontaneous grape mash fermentation followed by a couple of months in small and large casks. Aging in the bottle for several months.

Best to be drunk

3-10 years


The Krafuss residence, which dates back to the Renaissance and has survived unchanged until today, is owned by Roland Riz, Alois Lageder’s father-in-law. Surrounded by vineyards and orchards, the historical building reflects the economic significance that the vineyards in the area above San Michele Appiano enjoyed as early as the Middle Ages. In 1991 the vineyards were rehabilitated and planted exclusively with Pinot Noir at high density using the wire trellis system. In 2013 we made the transition to biodynamic working, and now there are again sheep grazing on the edge of the village of Appiano.

Lageder family

The Lageder family has worked in wine production for already six generations. Today, the winery is run by Alois and Alois Clemens Lageder.


We employ modern equipment in combination with nature- friendly wine-making techniques and let innovation interact with nature.

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The spectacular RÖMIGBERG precipice comes very close to our ideal of a farm as a closed living organism, with great importance attached to the coexistence of humans, animals and plants.