Art and architecture

The arts as a source of inspiration

With its focus on sustainable construction, healthy building materials and renewable energies, the new winery built in 1995 made us pioneers in Alto Adige. Instead of fossil fuels, we make use of solar, water and geothermal energy.

It is exciting to discover connections between seemingly incongruous things. 

Contemporary Art at the LÖWENGANG ESTATE

Not only the proximity to nature and sustainability but also our commitment to contemporary art plays an important role at our winery. Selected artists have been invited to our winery and could be inspired by the “Genius Loci”. Four works can be viewed and appreciated during a visit:

Ninna-nanna per barriques e archi, artist: Mario Airò
Von der Sehnsucht im Einklang mit der Natur zu leben, artist: Christian Philipp Müller
Bienenhaus, artists: Carsten Höller e Rosemarie Trockel
Astral Maps, artist: Matt Mullican

"OPERA" is a garden sculpture that was created by the Italian artist Alessandro Mastruzo in 2011.

It is composed by a set of garden utensils, which was inspired by the rural farming tradition. The clear-cut lines stand for a simple and dignifying work method. Yet, it is also evident that more complex tasks require a refined solution and an unusual approach.


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.

Guided tours

Discover our wines and their history and visit our biodynamic vineyards and cellars.


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