Family and history

Committed to top quality wines for 200 years

Our roots go back to 1823 when the young craftsman Johann Lageder set himself up as a wine merchant in Bolzano. His successors started to produce their own wines and acquired a number of vineyards. Alois III, the great-grandson of the founder of the business, saw the variety of climate zones in Alto Adige as one of the region’s strengths and in 1934 purchased the Löwengang wine estate in Magrè, in the southern part of Alto Adige.  Soon smaller winegrowers also began to supply him with grapes. When Alois III died unexpectedly in 1963, Alois IV was only 12 years old. His wife Christiane and his eldest daughter Wendelgard accordingly managed the inheritance on an interim basis. Then, since the middle of the 1970s, Alois IV - together with his sister and her husband and oenologist Luis von Dellemann – set about repositioning the winery with a strict focus on quality and innovative methods in the vineyard and cellar. Today, the 50-hectare family-owned vineyards are farmed biodynamically.

A shared creative process facilitates the personal development of every individual involved and the further development of the winery.

Guided tours

Discover our wines and their history and visit our biodynamic vineyards and cellars.

Innovation and development

We work continuously to improve our craftsmanship on the basis of even more holistic methods and still closer alliances.

Farm organism

The goals of biodynamic agriculture is to create a closed farm organism, in which the coexistence between humans, animals and plants plays a decisive role.