Innovation & Development

For us, wine is a sum of different components that we would like to explore, discover and link together. Nature is constantly changing and so are the conditions in our region Alto Adige. It is only when we dare to try something different and push boundaries that we can develop and ultimately question and sustainably increase quality in the midst of changing circumstances.

If we want to strive for liveliness, freshness and precision in our wines also in the future, we must understand the natural conditions and how we can play with different components.

Research in the vineyards and cellar

There are many questions that we ask ourselves and that cannot always be answered clearly: How can we deal with different altitudes? What accents can we set with different harvest times? What effect does limestone have on wine? How does volcanic soil influence grape varieties?  How does the smallest amount of whole cluster processing change the structure of a wine? Will grape varieties such as Tannat, Blatterle or Manzoni Bianco really play a role in Alto Adigein the future?
It is these and other questions that we would like to explore to continuously improve the quality of our wines.


Our COMETS are all about the joy of experimenting, a desire to innovate, and getting to know the limits in order to learn from them. With the COMETS we want to explore new frontiers, to play around with the diverse potential the region of Alto Adige has to offer and – in doing so – to continuously strive for higher quality in our wines.

PORER Pinot Grigio

The interplay between different components stands in the focus of this wine. Through various vinification methods we try to ensure freshness and liveliness also in the future.

We are applying our understanding of nature to new areas in the service of mankind and with trust in nature.

Art and architecture

Sustainable construction, healthy building materials and renewable energies: the new winery made us pioneers in Alto Adige.

Finding our wines in your area

Our partners are ambassadors of our wines and communicate the values involved through authenticity, sensitivity and knowledge.


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.