Innovation & Develpoment

We are untiring in our quest for the very best quality and the further development of our craft – with a spirit of experiment, creativity and attention to the details. For research and development, we have a policy of alliances. Today’s widespread individualism calls for a new awareness. For us, alliances are more than a form of operative collaboration; they help overcome individual egoisms in the interest of the greater whole. We endeavor to achieve our goals in cooperation with others.


Our COMETS are all about the joy of experimenting, a desire to innovate, and getting to know the limits in order to learn from them. With the COMETS we want to explore new frontiers, to play around with the diverse potential the region of Alto Adige has to offer and – in doing so – to continuously strive for higher quality in our wines.

We are applying our understanding of nature to new areas in the service of mankind and with trust in nature.

Art and architecture

Sustainable construction, healthy building materials and renewable energies: the new winery made us pioneers in Alto Adige.

Finding our wines in your area

Our partners are ambassadors of our wines and communicate the values involved through authenticity, sensitivity and knowledge.


Discover more about our holistic approach that takes account of the connections between nature, humankind and culture, technology, tradition and modernity.

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