Through the power of partnership

Cooperation with the suppliers to our winery is based on the region’s traditional honor purchase system. Today we collaborate in a spirit of trust and close cooperation with about 80 contract grape growers from the whole of Alto Adige. As part of another tradition, local mountain farmers drive their cattle, sheep and donkeys down to the valley from the high-level pastures at the end of summer, and some of them find good grazing in our vineyards during the autumn and winter months. Other alliances benefit the organic-certified restaurant in our Vineria Paradeis. To ensure the constant availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, we have to find farmers who work according to biodynamic principles and can provide us with fresh seasonal produce.

Stefan Peterlin, Caldaro

“We are equals.” That is how Stefan describes a relationship with the winery that began almost fifty years ago. “It’s not about the big player and the little guy, the powerful winery and the subservient supplier,” he explains, “but a balanced relationship based on a frank and open dialogue. And the fact that I cannot at the moment switch to organic farming is treated with respect.”

Josef Peterlin, Caldaro

Josef is the father of four girls and the proud proprietor of the Vogelmaierhof. He is particularly pleased that Alois Lageder’s Moscato Giallo is named after his vineyard. The partnership that began with his father fifty years ago is still in place today. Most of his vines are trained using the traditional pergola system and make an attractive sight in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Caldaro.

Ivo Palma, Cortaccia

Even if the sheep on Ivo Palma’s farm occasionally wander off, he is fully convinced of his decision to work in accordance with biodynamic principles – and of the resulting quality improvements. His family have been suppliers to the winery for three generations now. “Above all, my wife and I appreciate the personal style of the partnership”.


Michael Hofer, Verdignes

Michael was literally born to work on the farm. His grandfather took over the farm that Michael is now running in its third generation. He was a helpful with the farmwork while still a child. He still remembers his collaboration with Luis von Dellemann, Alois Lageder´s brother in law and the estate’s long-serving oenologist and winemaker, as well as Alois Lageder’s sister Wendelgard. He has always had a close personal relationship with the wine estate.

Herbert Frassen, Magrè

Herbert today continues his father’s legacy together with his wife Margit and their son Alexander. “My father delivered his grapes to the winery, and the agreement has been maintained ever since”. This year he is embarking on a new challenge: the introduction of organic methods. “The winery has motivated me to take this step,” he confirms.

Albert Vontavon, Tiso

Ten years ago Albert was working in the world of logistics. Today he is a passionate wine grower. He was keen from the start to go organic with his vineyard, which is located at about 900 meters (2950 feet) above sea-level. “I’m especially proud that the 2016 harvest has been certified organic. Some people mocked my plan at first, but I never doubted that this is the way to the future of wine-growing. I believe it is the vineyard and not the winemaker who makes the wine. And I very much appreciate the fact that I as a supplier am directly involved in the production process,” Albert adds.


Schmid family, Salorno

“For the last forty harvests almost, we have supplied our grapes to the estate,” says Bruno. “From the beginning it has been a very friendly relationship. I see our partnership as a kind of symbiosis: I need the winery and the winery needs me – like a chain in which every link is necessary to make it complete and give it strength,” says a satisfied Bruno.

Stock farming partner Alexander Agethle, Clusio

“With the cows integrated in the biodynamic processes on the estate, they have a unique opportunity to remain outdoors 365 days a year. The alliance also helps solve the problem of feed shortages, which are often a headache for stock farmers,” Alexander from the Engelhorn cheese dairy explains. “I enjoy cooperation with the wine estate above all as a valuable source of personal enrichment at the human level. The simple and humble manner with which the Lageder family work on the basis of biodynamic principles has opened the door for me and my farm to a mode of operation with which I was not previously familiar.”

Vegetable growing partner Alexandra Schweiggl, Favogna

Alexandra and her partner grow vegetables on their biodynamic holding at about 1,000 meters (3280 feet) above sea-level. Certification from the Demeter organization for both her farm and the winery is doubtless a strong link in the partnership. The restaurant in the winery’s Vineria Paradeis receives weekly deliveries of fresh, seasonal vegetables from Alexandra, and the menu always reflects what is in season at the time.


Lageder family

The Lageder family has worked in wine production for already six generations. Today, the winery is run by Alois and Alois Clemens Lageder.


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.

Art and architecture

Sustainable construction, healthy building materials and renewable energies: the new winery made us pioneers in Alto Adige.