COR RÖMIGBERG Cabernet Sauvignon


The RARUM assortment 2020 is a selection of our flagship wine COR Römigberg with the vintages: 1996, 1998, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010.

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The vineyard Römigberg from Alois Lageder


The vineyard Römigberg is located above the northwest shore of Lake Caldaro on a spectacular steep slope, being one of the best sites in the region. A particular interaction between different soils and various climatic conditions dominates here: warm, Mediterranean influences and intense sun on a steep south-southeastern vineyard, as well as a subsoil of dolomitic limestone and ancient glacial deposits. That is why the Römigberg offers a unique wine-growing playground.

The vineyard Römigberg from Alois Lageder in the 80s


Originally, Schiava vines were planted at the Römigberg site. In the 80s, after many in-depth discussions with winegrowers from all over the world – such as the famous American pioneer of viticulture, Robert Mondavi – Alois Lageder was encouraged to introduce Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, which he had imported from France. This was actually the first major vineyard in South Tyrol to be densely planted on a wire frame (Guyot). The site has originally been called “heart” (Cor in Latin) and has given the wine its name.

The vineyard Römigberg from Alois Lageder in the 80s
Sheeps grazing in the vineyard Römigberg from the Winery Alois Lageder


The Römigberg comes very close to our ideal of a farm as a closed living organism, in which the coexistence and interaction of humans, animals and plants play an important role: in our case, cattle, oxen and sheep graze between the vines, olive trees and loquat trees. The consistent organic and biodynamic cultivation systematically builds up biodiversity and restores the natural balance in the vineyard.

Annual average temperature and precipitation


The constantly changing climatic conditions have been characterizing and shaping every single vintage of COR RÖMIGBERG Cabernet Sauvignon over the last decades. The goal of the winery is to respond to the given circumstances and to create a new masterpiece every year.

The detailed vintage reports can be found here.

Annual average temperature and precipitation
COR RARUM selection in wooden box from the Winery Alois Lageder


We are pleased to be able to offer you this rare selection of fine vintages, some of which date back up to 20 years. We invite you to taste them, to compare their styles and characteristics and observe their development and aging potential. Purchase this particular selection in our online shop – in the RARUM wooden box, including a very special bottle opener and corker. Only available in limited quantities.