For the new RARUM edition, we have chosen our KRAFUSS Pinot Noir and made a selection of the vintages 2002, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2015.


The vineyards are situated on a hill in Eppan and surround the Krafuss Estate. The natural conditions, including the altitude, exposure, the soil, the microclimate and the good ventilation create a tension that results in particularly suitable conditions for the Pinot Noir grape.



The Krafuss Estate, which dates back to the Renaissance period and has remained untouched to this day, belongs to Roland Riz, Alois Lageder's father-in-law. Surrounded by vineyards and orchards, the historic building reflects the economic importance of the vineyards in the area above San Michele Appiano as early as the Middle Ages. In 1991 we renewed the vineyards and planted them exclusively with Pinot Noir at high density using the wire trellis system. In 2013 we converted them to biodynamic farming.



The constantly changing climatic conditions over the past decades have shaped every single vintage of KRAFUSS Pinot Noir. Each vintage tells its own story. Our task as winemakers is to respond to the changing natural conditions in order to create a new masterpiece each year.


The detailed vintage reports can be found here. 


For Winelovers

We invite you to enjoy the aged vintages of our KRAFUSS Pinot Noir, compare their stylistics and observe the development and ageing potential. They are available in the RARUM wooden box, including a high-quality uncorker. The RARUM range is only available in limited quantities.