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For the new RARUM edition, we have chosen our MCM Merlot and made a selection of the vintages 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

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The vineyard Römigberg from Alois Lageder


At the southern foot of the Magrè talus cone lies a wine-growing site known by the name of “Punggl”, which has been noted and esteemed for its wines over the centuries. In the mid-1950s, the former owner of the estate Hirschprunn planted Merlot vines there, as they had delivered such good results in the decades before. The heart of that site delivers the foundations for our MCM. Depending on the year, we select grapes of the highest quality there, which are then used exclusively to make our MCM.

In the "Punggl" site, the grape variety develops an accentuated, varietal aroma, combining complexity, harmony and maximum finesse.


In 1995, an exceptional year for red wines in Alto Adige, the Merlot grapes from the "Punggl" vineyard were of particularly good quality when harvested. Luis von Dellemann – our oenologist at the time - felt inspired by the outstanding harvest and thus felt inspired to vinify the grapes as a single-varietal. Although the grapes were destined to become part of the Casòn Hirschprunn Rosso blend, the oenologist pressed them separately. The MCM was born.

From then on, this wine made from our oldest Merlot vineyard is only produced in vintages of exceptional quality.

In 2020, the label was redesigned to further highlight its uniqueness. The Roman numbers "LVII" describe the year of planting, 1957, and the designation "VECCHIE VITI" is a reference to the great age of the vines, over 70 years.

Annual average temperature and precipitation


The constantly changing climatic conditions over the past decades have shaped every single vintage of MCM Merlot. Each vintage tells its own story. Our task as winemakers is to respond to the changing natural conditions in order to create a new masterpiece each year.

The detailed vintage reports can be found here.


RARUM selection in wooden box from the Winery Alois Lageder


We invite you to enjoy the aged vintages of our MCM Merlot, compare their stylistics and observe the development and ageing potential. They are available in the RARUM wooden box, including a high-quality uncorker. The RARUM range is only available in limited quantities. 

RARUM selection in wooden box from the Winery Alois Lageder