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FÓRRA Manzoni Bianco

This grape variety was created in the 1930s by Prof. Luigi Manzoni, Director of the Conegliano Research Centre, as a cross between Riesling and Pinot Bianco. Its characteristics include loose-berried clusters, thick skins, high acid levels and lower concentrations of sugar. Today’s increasingly extreme weather patterns accordingly make this grape variety very attractive for Alto Adige. By leaving the grape juice in contact with the skins for several days, we have been able to give the wine a still more striking profile. 

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Manzoni Bianco
12.5 % Vol


Clear, intense gold-yellow


Slightly aromatic,pronounced, fruity (quince, pear) flintstone, spicy


Full bodied, concentrated, quite rich, fresh, spicy, dry


Fish dishes; clams, crab, and shrimp; white meats; poultry


Paradeis vineyard location above the village of Magrè and another location in Pochi. 350 - 450 metres a.s.l.


They are sandy and consist chiefly of Dolomite chalk


Maturation on the lees in large casks (approximately 9 months) Fermentation: maceration in large casks (10 days)

Best to be drunk

Best to be drunk: 2-8 years


We are committed to the biodynamic agriculture, which respects human beings, animals and the natural cycles and incorporates them into our work.


We employ modern equipment in combination with nature- friendly wine-making techniques and let innovation interact with nature.

Event location

For wedding receptions and birthday or anniversary celebrations, the historical walls of Casòn Hirschprunn provide a unique backdrop for your event.